DOBARA Episode 14

Story Review The Episode started with everyone in shock to see Mehrunisa gets married with Mahir. Minal leaves the house in angry mood and so Zameer. Phopho also gets angry. Mahir tries to defend himself and Mehrunisa but all in vain. He gives glass bangles as wedding gift to Mehru. She remembers how she always…More

PARIZAAD Episode 28

Story Review The episode started, Parizaad handed over all the important documents to Kamali and ask him to give them to Nasaaz, when he returns from Turkey. Parizaad leaves all, his name, wealth fortune and goes in the search for self. First he travel by train, then by bus. Like a common man. From Karachi…More

DOBARA Episode 13

Story Review Ibtisam and Mehrunisa talks about their marriage. They both have different interests. She has accepted the proposal but she is not very happy and satisfied from inside. Mahir gets a job at Fareed company. On his first day he encounter with Zameer. Staff member tells him that he is son in law of…More

DOBARA Episode 12

Story Review Mehrunisa realize the fact that her children will not going to support her for the second marriage. Seher’s parents pays a visit to Mehrunisa for the fixing of Shadi date. Mehrunisa calls Affan’s friend to ask him to come back home. Seher’s Parents puts very high demands for marriage. Mehrunisa accept every demand…More

PARIZAAD Episode 27

Story Review The episode started when Annie realize that she made Parizaad upset. She discussed with Sharjeel and they decided to visit him the next morning. The next morning when Parizaad comes to the office he saw Mr. Noman. He asked Kamali to send him in his office. Noman is the same man, to which…More

PARIZAAD Episode 26

Story Review The episode started with the celebrations of the music launch of Lubna’s film. Parizaad congratulates Jharna and Nasaaz. He tells Nasaaz, that Annie wants him to accompany her to US, for her operation. Parizaad thinks, that dr Sharjeel, Annie’s cousin, is good looking, handsome, educated person, he is better match for her. Nasaaz,…More

DOBARA Episode 11

Story Review Mahir is sure, that Mehrunisa will come back to him. Durdana Phopho calls the driver and she asks him where does Madam Mehrunisa go. He tells her that Mahir is admitted in hospital and she goes there. Affan meets Seher. Her mother ask him that she wants to get the wedding fixed as…More

DOBARA Episode 10

Story Review It is Mehrunisa’s Birthday and both her kids are busy with their spouses. It is Mahir’s Birthday also. His parents didn’t even call him. He calls his friend. He gets a little emotional as he is alone on a hospital bed. Durdana Phopho tells Ibtisam to take Mehrunisa for outing and celebrate her…More

PARIZAAD Episode 25

Story Review Anny’s cousin, Sharjeel, who is also a doctor comes to stay with his Khala and Anny. He is Anny’s childhood friend. Khala ask him to get an appointment from an eye specialist for Anny. Nasaaz visit Parizaad’s office. He tells him that he should talk to Anny and tell her that you love…More

PARIZAAD Episode 24

Story Review The episode started when Parizaad is leaving from Anny’s home. On his way some one tried to kill Parizaad. But his bodyguard Akbar comes in front and the bullet hit him. He was taken to the hospital immediately. Kamali reaches the hospital, Parizaad ask him to calls for Guru. He wants to know…More

PARIZAAD Episode 23

Stroy Review The episode started with a very emotional poetry. Parizaad goes to meet anny. He fulfil her dream of making his sculpture. Lubna invite him to come and check out his studio and music for the film. He goes there. There is a classical singer with his daughter. Parizaad appreciated their music. They need…More


Story Review The episode started, Mehrunisa sends money with her driver to the hospital. Babar Mahir’s friend doesn’t tell him who is paying the hospital bill. Mehrunisa gets ready to go and check Mahir, Ibtisam gets along with her. While going to the hospital, Mehrunisa drives the car, Ibtisam gets afraid as she tells him…More

DOBARA Episode 8

Story Review Mahir is thinking about Mehrunisa. He decides that he should not meet her, as his friendship is creating problems for her. The next morning he receives a call from his mother, who wants to meet him. Mehrunisa is having breakfast. She remembers that how she always wanted to do something but couldn’t do…More

PARIZAAD Episode 22

Story Review This episode started at a point where Parizaad discovers that RJ Annie is blind. He instantly apologize her for his mistake of being judgemental. The conversation between them was very powerful. Kanwal tries to tell Naheed that it is not correct to fall for Parizaad. She has kids and a husband. But Naheed…More

SINF E AHAN Episode 3

Story Review All the protagonists are getting ready and reach Gujranwala for their ISSB examination. Mahjabeen, she gets up late. Kumail calls her and awake her. He drop her till the bus station. Shaista, she escape from her house, only her younger sister knows. Her fiance comes to take her to Gujranwala. Aarzo, her father…More

DOBARA Episode 7

Story Review The episode started where Mehrunisa is thinking about the incident just happened at her son’s engagement. She was happy and wanted to celebrate the event as she wants to but her son doesn’t like her dress, her dance and as well as Mahir. maid comes to ask her for dinner she refused by…More

PARIZAAD Episode 21

Story Review Parizaad see a boy crying outside his office building. He stop by to ask him why is he crying. He could see little Parizaad in him. He helped him and make a promise that he will study and make his future. Parizaad recieves a parcel from RJ Annie. It has a small sculpture…More

SINF E AHAN Episode 2

Story Review The episode started with the track of Rabia. She called her brother to ask where is he, Danial is coming back home as he is an army officer, on the call Danial hears a scream of Rabia and the line goes off. He instantly calls the neighbors to check if there is some…More

DOBARA Episode 6

Story Review Mehrunisa selects a very bright dress for herself. Phopho gets annoyed by her choice. Mahir’s friend is getting annoyed by his laziness. He asked him to wash clothes and clean the dishes. Mahir in his frustration calls Mehrunisa for help. He ask her for a job, he tells her that he can teach…More

PARIZAAD Episode 20

Story Review Parizaad asks his bodyguard to take him to the mechanic, where Lubna has given her car. He find his old boss Kallu Ustaad there. He instantly recognize Parizaad. They had a long conversation. Later Parizaad asks his PA, to help Kallu Ustaad in way that his emotions doesn’t get hurt. Majid comes to…More


Written by Umera Ahmed Directed by Nadeem Baig Produced by Six Sigma, Next Level entertainment and ISPR CAST Sajal Aly Yumna Zaidi Kubra Khan Saira Yousuf Ramsha Khan Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa Dananeer Mobeen Meerub Ali Asim Azhar Asad Siddiqui Usman Mukhtar Gohar Rasheed Ali Rehman Khan Sheheryar Munawar Characters overview and their story line Sajal…More


Story Review Mahir has no place to go. His father and his mother both closed their doors on him. He sleeps in the park. The next morning when Mehrunisa comes to the park she wakes him up and ask him what happened, he tells him the whole story. She takes him to a restaurant for…More

PARIZAAD Episode 19

Story Review Parizaad meets his sister, after becoming a millionaire. She named her daughter, Parisa, in the memory of her brother Parizaad. He becomes happy and satisfied as he witness the love and care between his sister and her husband. He takes leave from them, his sister return him the money they borrowed from him,…More

DOBARA Episode 4

Story Review The episode started, on the dinner table Affan questions his mother about the way she was eating the Ice cream. Mehrunisa gives him a shut up call by saying that I’m your mother and now you will going to tell me what am I supposed to do and what not, and by saying…More

PARIZAAD Episode 18

Story Review Parizaad is now a leading business tycoon of the country with the name PZ Meer. Parizaad goes to a party, by Rehmani, an industrialist. There he meet his university fellow Lubna, who becomes a film star, with the name Mahpara. They both talk about the changes they have been through in their lives.…More


Episode 3 Story Review Mahir goes for a job interview. But because of zero experience he gets rejection. Mehrunisa starts playing with her servant’s kids. Durdana phopho, asks affan and Minal to bring their mom inside. Narmeen told Mahir that her colleague brought her proposal. And her mother liked him. So she asked him to…More


Episode 2 Story Review Mehrunisa seems quite disturb on the death of her husband. She is reacting weird. Durdana phopho is an old school mindset. She is forcing her to pretend like a typical widow. Lawyer arrives, while seher and her mother were still there. Lawyer read the will of Hidayat Ullah to the family,…More


Writer: Sarwet Nazir Director: Danish Nawaz Producer: Momina Duraid Cast with character names Bilal Abbas Khan as Mahir. Hadiqa Kiani as Mehrunnisa. Noman Ijaz as Hidayat Ullah. Sakina Samo as Phopho. Shabbir Jan as Jahangir. Angeline Malik. Characters Overview The main leads in this drama serial are Hadiqa Kiyani and Bilal Abbas. Hadiqa Qiyani is…More

PARIZAAD Episode 16

Story Review Parizaad is in police remand. Police tortures him but he didn’t open up. Feroz advise his boss that he should go abroad, police will get him any time. Janu goes to the jail to meet Parizaad. They both had very beautiful conversation. Parizaad gives his statement in front of the police inspector Badar…More

PARIZAAD Episode 15

Story Review Parizaad risks his life and went to find Bubbly’s parents. He found them and talked to them. Her father was not ready to accept her. Mother gets emotional but she couldn’t convince her husband to forgive Bubbly and accept her again. Police finds out the girl who lives in the flat where Laila…More

PARIZAAD Episode 17

Story Review Parizaad and Feroz moved to central jail Karachi. Parizaad’s brothers disown him when heard the news about him being in jail. On the other hand Saeeda asks her husband to go to Karachi and check about him. Shoky also tries to find him in Karachi. Feroz gets death sentence. Behroz Kareem gives all…More

PARIZAAD Episode 14

Story Review Badar Munir is trying her level hard to get a firm grip over the case of the murder of minister’s son and his girlfriend Laila Saba. She is suspecting Behros Kareem but she cannot get her hands on him as he is very influential person. Parizaad told Guru that he knows Bubbly and…More

LAAPATA Episode 21 & 22

Episode 21 & 22 Story review Falak is in jail. Ayesha is her lawyer. Shams searching for Munira. Shams finds out the address of Munira and goes there. He reached to the place, even he met her, but soon her husband arrives. He didn’t allow Munira to go along with him, instead took her away.…More


Episode 12 Story Review Behros Kareem sends Parizaad to one of his trusted ex employee. He wants Parizaad to hide at a secure place. For Parizaad it seems to be a unique place. There were mostly transgender…the guru, himself was a transgender. He gives special treatment to Parizaad. Parizaad encounters with Bubbly Badmash. She also…More

Qissa Meherbano Ka

Episode 6 Story Review Meherbano’s new life has started. Muraad’s mother, is not happy with Muraad bringing, her daughter’s ex sister in law. Muraad explains his mother that he wants to keep relationship with Meherbano because she will going to inherits her father’s property. Meherbano faced criticism from her mother in law in the morning.…More

LAAPATA Episode 19 & 20

Story Review: Falak gets arrested by the police on the day of Shams wedding with Geeti. FALAK: She decides to tell the truth to her father. She gets ready for the wedding. She receive a call from Ayesha, Falak ask for help, Ayesha said, she will come to Karachi the next morning. But on the…More

PARIZAAD Episode 12

Story Review Parizaad feeling guilty, on being disloyal to his boss. His boss Behros Kareem going for an international trip, before leaving, he asked Parizaad that is there anything bothering him, he wants to confess anything. Parizaad reply in negative. After he leaves, Parizaad takes Laila Saba to her aunt’s apartment, but they were caught…More

Hum Kahan K Sachey Thy

Episode 10 Story Review The episode started, Shabbo and Nani sitting in a room, Shabbo tells nani that Mashal and Mehreen had a fight that night but then they had a patch up. Mehreen made 2 cups of tea. But don’t know what happened then. Meanwhile, in jail Mehreen is alone, nobody from the family…More

Qissa Meherbano Ka

Episode 5 Story Review Murad comes to meet Asghar Ali Mehtab(Abba mia), as he had ask him to give divorce to Meherbano. When Murad meets him, he tells him that he is old and wants to settle his legal matters. He wants him to give Meherbano divorce simply so he doesn’t have to go for…More

LAAPATA Episode 17&18

Story Review Preparations of Shams and Geeti’s Wedding are in progress. Falak haven’t told anyone the truth, what ever she had been through. SHAMS: After Falak’s arrival, Shams who accepted Geeti with full commitment started getting double minded. He started loosing interest in Geeti. He tells Falak his feelings but she instantly gives him a…More

PARIZAAD Episode 11

Story Review Parizaad over heard, in the car, madam Laila is talking to some one that her aunt is sick. She can’t meet her. She spend some time at sea side. When it starts getting dark Parizaad asked her to let’s go back, she started the conversation,”you like playing piano? You can take classes from…More

Hum Kahan K Sachy Thy

Episode 9 Story Review This episode has the real turning point of the story. Mashal is dead. Tahir and Shagufta gone to attend a wedding. Mashal stayed back, she ordered food for herself. Mehreen returned from Saleha Khala’s home. She saw her bridal dupatta being all teared up. She went to Mashal’s room. Shabbo saw…More

Qissa Meherbano Ka

Episode 4 Story Review The episode started where Mehran is telling Abba mia that he wants to marry Meherbano. He ask him to send a letter to her husband Muraad for divorce. In a flashback, we get to know that Abba mia took an oath on Quran Shareef, that Meherbano is not like her brother,…More

LAAPATA Episode 15 & 16

Episode 15 & 16 Story Review Falak : Falak hides at her maids place. She goes to meet Ayesha, but she saw Danial at the gate, so she went away. Maids husband inform Danial that Falak is hiding at our home. So Danial comes, Falak tried to close the door but she couldn’t, Danial comes…More

PARIZAAD Episode 10

Story Review Parizaad reports the whole incident, which happened 3 days back at the factory to the owner, Behrose Kareem. And also tell him that Mustafa, your manager is responsible. He ask his PA to bring him after the office. Later, when Parizaad meet the owner, his PA inform Parizaad that he has only 5…More

Hum Kahan K Sachey thy

Episode 7 Story Review The episode starts, Saleha visits her mother’s place and she gives meethai of Aswad and Mehreen’s engagement. Tahir, Shagufta and her mother takes it as a surprise and they react in a very bitter way. Tahir said you knew that we wanted Mashal to marry Aswad, so why you fixed this…More

LAAPATA Episode 14

Story Review Danial: From the previous episode, Danial is lying unconscious, his first marriage story is going on on the screen. He married to Aliya. They were happy and love each other. He refrained her from contacting her family. Once Danial heard Aliya talking to some one on phone at night in the washroom. The…More

LAAPATA Episode 13

Story Review Shams: In this episode Shams is handling his new job issues. He is the new factory manager, in the factory there is a Labour union leader, who messes around during work hours. Controls the labour with his power. He threaten Shams that I am the one who controls the Labour. Shams smartly handled…More


Story Review Parizaad working at welding shop. During the lunch break his trainer, Kallu Ustaad ask him to join them for lunch. Parizaad told Kallu ustaad that he want to earn more money. Ustaad suggest him to go to Karachi. He said one of his boy, “Janu” is working in Karachi at a place whose…More

Hum Kahan K Sachey Thy

Episode 7 Story Review Episode started, Aswad and his mother Saleha are not on the talking terms. Shagufta called Aswad to her place for a talk. When Aswad was going he saw his mother, he tried to start a conversation with her but she said what should I talk, you don’t understand me. He said,…More